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(added 10 Apr 2009)

sony-ericsson-w995-mobile-phone Well you may ask, what is new with the software review, on GSM Arena homepage.  Surely, we have a number of new reviews for few glossy and sleek mobiles. Currently, we are beholding on Sony Ericsson’s Media Go desktop multimedia management application package.  Look, here it goes and makes its mark.

In last February Sony Ericsson vowed to revive the mechanism – users employ video on the company’s exhibited phone sets – a whole new mobile string. The Media Go multimedia manager – always plans, to add something new for your magic taste, yet it usually chews any computing file you toss at it, which can easily be loaded in a mobile phone.

Media Go witnessed remarkable tumult in the comments segment, for our newly published Sony Ericsson W995 Review.  The phone set is first of its kind, that has grabbed the limelight, and many users, think that we didn’t project well, the remarkable features of this new application package.

Well, the fact has it we are quite fascinated now to write something about – the best type of achievement, never thought before to jot down anything about.  Can you imagine the steps we took as quickly as we got a file of Media Go.  That’s good we started recording everything about it.

A beginning with Media Go

This quietly impressed us, with new bit of application package that is virtually marked by Sony, yet not Sony Ericsson.  This will prove a veracity, for its beta version of the application package, many things needed to be explored yet.

Media Go, at its first campaign of showcasing, definitely gave a feeling of a Sony commercial product, and very likely to other Sony commercial products we had previously observed.  You are required to enter the serial number and register with the Sony, with a view to employ the application.

Soon after, finishing the registration process, the application package loaded up and was ready to ride and roll.  We interfaced our Sony Ericsson W995 and we had curious to experience the interesting scene of the day.

Media Go can’t be interfaced to the mobile, out-of-the-box.  As soon as it turns over, Media Go never substitute the standard Sony Ericsson PC Suite despite our more anticipations.  As compared to that, both applications may be loaded on your PC, as PC suite is the application package that virtually would be responsible to handle the needed USB drivers, so on.

Soon after, we restructured it a befitting manner, now we thought we should have a detailed look at the first Media Go application package, and on the style, it’s projected to employ by Sony Ericsson phones.

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