Taser Axon Microphone

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(added 09 Apr 2009)


A couple of days before, we were negotiating about the latest series of Microphone – Sanwa Throat Device, a unique means of gadget for communication that can be clipped to the throat, similar to the collar.  So after it, Taser Axon Microphone surfaced to show its finesse that operates entirely like Sanwa, which clips to one’s head, either. 

As a matter of fact, the Taser Axon is designed as a recorder.  It has been prepared in a manner that can be clipped to a cop’s head, so that the recording could be ensured, whilst an official is on the target.

At a time, when a case is needed to be started against any official, and this would provide, the witness’s statement against any official, an irrefutable proof can be found on the Taser Axon, to substantiate a person’s evidence, in any litigation.

I am not sure, the memory capacity in the Taser Axon.  It has to be explored, either, how much beneficial for all other users.  In other words, we need to examine, that this latest device is really intrinsic to record the footage, of any cop or official on duty, and moving in a car, whilst digesting some coconuts.

We can surely that virtually we are moving to a highly advanced era, where the cops and officers would be supervised under this observatory system. This would prove productive to record all objectionable actions committed by police or any law enforcement agency personnel that would entirely justify in executing this sort of mechanisms in security-driven bodies.

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