Fit PC2 the Smallest Computer in the World

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(added 09 Apr 2009)

Fit-PC2–the Smallest Computer in the World CompuLab launches fit-PC2, featuring idiosyncrasies of its smallest computer, world over.  It seems entirely effervescent for its tiny size, yet very well designed being a gadget with light weight, that can be taken along, with comfort and ease.  This latest series, measures 115x101x27 mm, which is very petite than any other Composed Disk.

The casing of Fit-PC2 mini computer is made of aluminum, which diffuses the heat, entirely making internal fan useless. The fan-less technology proves a worthy soundless system, in case used with a solid state disk.

Fit-PC2 system appears to be a modern computer with the configuration stated below:

• CPU - 1.6GHz x86

• RAM - 1GB

• Hard disk - SATA

• DVI with graphics acceleration

• High definition audio

• LAN and WLAN

• Ports - 6 USB

Operators will surely commend, for the capabilities it offer.  Low power consumption is an additional plus point, that makes this tiny device highly power-effective Intel Atom PC up till now.  Just imagine power consumption is merely 6W during the routine use, in Windows XP or Linux.  Taking this capability into the mind, it can well be ascribed to a “Green Computer” means environment-friendly computer.

Its weight is merely 370g including hard disk that is needless to compare with another portable computer.  This modern gadget can be operated via IR remote control, either. This new technology can resist extreme temperatures, vibration or shock.  Price is affordable, performance is fine, low power user, this Fit-PC2 – has already proved an ideal personal computer, exclusively for end users.

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