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Klipsch Image S4 Noise Isolating Earphones

Klipsch’s latest gizmo - Klipsch Image S4 Noise Isolating Earphones, offering very finer earphones set on a price of USD 250. Primarily any earphone is a good development, yet in the case of S4, it is...

Posted On: Jul 30, 2009 | Comments : 0

Radiopaq Custom Tuned Earphone

Radiopaq has announced its latest gizmo – Radiopaq Custom Tuned Earphone – that is something, you will surely like to take it into your hands and meddle with it. Radiopaq custom tuned earphones are of...

Posted On: Jul 09, 2009 | Comments : 0

Radius Atomic Bass Earphones

Modern science and technology is producing, a multitude of technological innovations, making our daily verves easier and safer, so when you are crossing through a high traffic zone, or listening the m...

Posted On: Apr 21, 2009 | Comments : 0

Taser Axon Microphone

A couple of days before, we were negotiating about the latest series of Microphone – Sanwa Throat Device, a unique means of gadget for communication that can be clipped to the throat, similar to the c...

Posted On: Apr 09, 2009 | Comments : 0
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